The only thing pet owners want to know when their pet needs help is where to go. The need to educate pet owners about how to find the right kind of veterinary care grows as the veterinary community changes – from vaccine clinics in pet stores to hospitals focused on urgent care. The first step in setting your pet up for success with their veterinary care is to establish a relationship with a primary care veterinarian.

Importance of Primary care veterinarians 

Veterinary technicians are responsible for caring for puppies and kittens, administering vaccines, and checking dogs’ well-being. Their duties also extend to performing sick exams, and conducting general surgeries like spaying, neutering, and removing masses. As well as prescribing medicine for fleas, ticks, and heartworms, they also perform blood tests and yearly exams. Generally, pets and their owners have a very close relationship since they see each other at least once a year or even more. As your pet’s home base, they should be the first vet you call when there is a problem or when there is a pet emergency during regular business hours. 

In emergencies such as unstoppable bleeding, coughing, or throwing up, your first call is usually to your primary care. The doctor can usually book a sick appointment for you if they are available during their business hours. In severe cases, specialty hospitals and Urgent Care clinics may be recommended by your primary veterinarian. There are times when your pet has to wait while other more urgent patients are treated. However, if the issue seems serious, they’ll call you first. 

Benefits of Having Primary Care Veterinarian

A pet owner’s reliance on and trust in his or her primary veterinarian is the cornerstone of good animal health. Following are the benefits you can experience in everyday life if you have a primary care Veterinarian:

  • The chances of your vet mississauga appointment being added last-minute are greater if you are a regular client.
  • The primary care veterinary staff can assist you with some medical questions over the phone if you have brought your pet in earlier for the recommended yearly exam.
  • If your pet ate something out of the garbage can, they can tell you if he should be watched for vomiting or diarrhea. 
  • You can get Heartworm prevention prescriptions over the phone without a hassle. 
  • Veterinary specialists are trained to detect lumps and bumps, abnormal heart rates, and wonky lab results early on, 
  • They are able to refer your pet to a veterinary specialist before anything gets more serious. 
  • If your pet’s problem escalates to an emergency situation where your treatment options may become more limited, they can refer your pet to an oncologist, internist, or surgeon with an early appointment. 
  • Limited staff is a serious issue and there are not enough emergency hospitals to get your pet in right away. But having a primary care veterinarian can help with that.

For any pet-related issues or emergencies, contact Aquitaine Animal Hospital for professional and timely assistance. 

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