If you are a doting pet lover like the team at Aquitaine Vet, you will want the best for your pet. Choosing a vet is never an easy task. First, because you want to make sure that you have chosen an experienced doctor and secondly because you want to make sure you and your pet feel confident about their prognosis and line of treatments. Here are seven checks to make sure that you find the right veterinarian for your beloved pet 

Ask a few questions

At the cost of sounding like detective journalists, we recommend asking around. Maybe your neighbours or friends have pets. Make sure to ask them about their vet and their personal experience about how they handle vaccinations, local treatments, surgeries etc. Doing a reference check with more than one person for a vet will make you aware of what you are signing up for and ascertain whether you have chosen the right vet for your needs.

Attitude matters

The last thing you want as a pet owner is a vet who shouts and yells or is generally not connected with your pet. Look for someone who is friendly and interested in treating your pet. Moreover, a vet should be happy to address as any concerns as you may have regarding vaccinations and treatments. 

Philosophical connect

When it comes to things like line of treatment, best possible options, and sensitive topics like euthanasia, cancer care, chronic care, etc., having a similar belief system and philosophies can go a long way. Pet owners who don’t believe that their vet is offering them the right advice can be left helpless in the middle of a treatment when extreme conditions need urgent attention. 

Busy vet equals good vet

A crowded vet hospital is a good indication that the veterinarian is a qualified, experienced and good vet. One thing about any kind of medical practitioner is good and bad reputation spreads like wildfire. If a vet is exceptionally good, people are bound to recommend him within their social circles. Pet owners like me know how important it is that our vet is in safe hands, so it is definitely a great idea to go to a busy vet.

Changing a vet

Never an easy decision but sometimes imperative. If you have a reason to believe that your existing vet may not be treating your pet with the kind of care and patience that you expected, change the vet. It is worth changing the vet if you are not satisfied with the care and attitude your existing one offers. 

Money talks

While you may look for the best options, it is important to consider the expenses. Vet bills, medicine and treatment expenses can add up pretty quickly. Make it a point to ask about expected costs, payments and credit lines when you visit a pet. Make sure you have some visibility on the expenses before you commit to a vet. 

Location and time

Finally, look for someone who is closer to your house and has convenient working hours. After all, you don’t want to drive an hour to take your pet to his doctor or go to one who closes at 5 PM, right when you are leaving work. 

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