Owning a pet can provide you with a lot more than just a cute and furry companion. It’s nice to have a loving comrade running throughout your home, primarily if you live alone. However, they can help you so much more than you would believe. Through their presence allow, a pet can help boost your mood and ease your depression, all while helping to improve your physical health as well. Here are just a few of the many health benefits that can result from owning a pet.

Reduces Stress

Pets provide a consistent and unwavering companionship for their owners, particularly those who are experiences any level of stress. A 2002 study showed that people were less stressed when in the company of their pets than with spouses and other family members. Dogs are often used to help people manage their high-stress levels, especially regarding individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxious children and students under a lot of pressure.

Encourages Exercise

Running alongside your dog or throwing a frisbee with them isn’t only providing a workout for your furry friend, but for yourself as well. Dogs encourage daily exercise, keeping their owner active and healthy. A 2013 statement for the American Heart Association referred to a study in which dog owners were 54% more likely than non-dog owners to get their recommended amount of exercise.

Improves Heart Health

While this may be a result of the increased exercise that occurs with owning a pet, it’s been shown that owning a dog can reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues. Owning a pet can also lower your chance of obesity, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These factors all lead to achieving a healthy heart.

Improves Your Mood

Playing with your pet would put a smile on anyone’s face, especially if you’ve been having a bad day. Relaxing with your furry friend is sure to put you in a better mood, as it can lead to serotonin and dopamine being released into the brain. These chemicals are known for increasing euphoria and putting people in a healthier frame of mind.

Encourages Socialization

Owning a pet allows you to interact with people on a regular basis. Whether that means talking to a stranger as you’re walking your dog or striking up a conversation in a dog park, pets help to increase their owner’s overall social interactions. Among both pet owners and pet lovers, there’s always something to talk about when the need arises.

Boosts Immunity

Particularly in growing up with pets, it’s been revealed that they can boost your immunity to allergens and bacteria over time. In 2011, a study claimed that children who grew up with pets were less likely to become allergic to them later in life. However, this was only effective if their exposure occurred during infancy.

Aids Child Development

A 2014 study showed that children with autism who owned a dog were able to communicate more clearly and with more confidence. It’s been suggested that other pets can also aid in improving communication, depending on what animal the child prefers as well as their condition.

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