Christmas trees, jingle bells, mistletoe, candles and festive lights! The bright, beautiful, cheerful holiday season is here again. It’s dressing up, feasting and gift-giving time. Make sure you include your pets in your celebrations but do ensure you take the proper steps to keep them safe. Steer them away from toxic treats and dangerous decorations. Keep these tips in mind: 

Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree looks beautiful with all the decorations and lights draped over it, but these endanger your pet’s safety. One tug at a decorated branch and the entire tree can come crashing down on them. Keep your Christmas tree in a safe corner. Secure it, so it doesn’t tip and fall over. If you have a live tree, make sure your pooch stays away from the stagnant tree water, as it may contain fertilizer. They are both toxic and a health hazard for your furry one.

Mistletoe and Festive Plants 

Nibbling on mistletoe, poinsettias and holly look innocent, but they can be pretty poisonous for your pets. They can irritate their gastrointestinal tract or trigger cardiovascular problems. If you find your pet vomiting, gagging or suffering from diarrhea, check their mouths to see if they have mistletoe or bits of holly in there. Choose artificial plants or pet-safe plants, if possible, and hang them well away from them. 

Christmas Decorations

Little kitties are fascinated by shiny balls or toys hanging on the branches. They love to pull them down and chew on them. Unfortunately, this can lead to gagging, digestion problems, even surgery. Choose pet-safe decorations with care. Keep wires, batteries and plastic ornaments well away from them. Glass ornaments can easily break, leaving shards that can injure them in severe ways. 

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Lit Candles

Never leave lit candles unattended around the house, especially when you have a child or a pet. A curious pet will end up burning itself or cause a fire if the candle topples over with their paw. Use stable candle holders on a flat surface on a high shelf or mantle piece which is well out of their way. Put out the candles before you leave the room or home. 

Holiday Treats

Never tempt your pet with the food items and drinks you consume. Keep sugary treats out of their reach. Discourage them from licking food on the table, in garbage cans, in the kitchen or any candy wrapper lying around your home. Spicy, fatty, sugary human food is poison for your pooch. Stuff your pet’s stockings with indestructible chew toys instead. Keep ribbons and gift paper away from them.

Aquitaine Animal Hospital, Mississauga

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