Most of our well-loved furry friends don’t get to the veterinarian for regularly scheduled visits, which blocks them from receiving the benefits of preventative medicine. The biggest reason this happens is that pet owners find it very stressful to bring their pet to the vet. They have to deal with putting a cat into a carrier, or need to try really hard to keep their dog from vomiting in their car, and they may find discomfort in watching their loved pet shake with fear or lash out. It is no wonder that pet parents everywhere avoid vet visits just as much as their furry friend wants to.

The good news is that for your pets’ and your mental and physical health, there is now a shift towards low stress or stress free veterinary care. Not only does being stressed affect pets and give them psychological trauma, it can also be severe to the point that their health test results are skewed and their immune systems become weakened. If your pet has gone through a lifetime of anxiety from the vet, then reversing these bad reactions in the future can be a challenge. These are some steps to help your best friend cope with the vet and even start to love going to the veterinarian.

Practice Handling Your Pet Often

A pet’s feet and ears are two challenges that veterinary professionals face the most. Most pets do not like these body parts being handled, and they usually strongly object when it happens. However, all pets, even those who are older, can be conditioned to accept this handling. You can begin by handling your pet and using some high-value rewards. Train your dog or cat to give their paw to get their nails trimmed, or give them some whip cream while cleaning their ears out.

Schedule Your Appointments With Your Pet’s Fears In Mind

You should aim to schedule early appointments with your vets. Later appointments can run late with other emergencies and appointments holding up the line, which can keep your pet in a fearful state for longer than necessary. Early appointments can help you avoid being stuck in packed waiting rooms.

Your Cat Carrier Is Your Cat’s Friend, Not Enemy

Many cats only come into contact with their carrier when they go to visit the vet. This conditions them to associate their carrier with bad times and fear. This is why it is such a struggle to get your cat into the carrier. To avoid this, you should leave out the carrier at all times, and put treats in it instead. Routinely throw some high value treats into the carrier and leave the door propped open. Then, your cat will make newer, better associations with the cat carrier instead.

Drop In To Your Vet For Some Happy Visits

If your pet only goes to the mississauga vet to get uncomfortable check ups or vaccinations, then it is no wonder that they associate the vet clinic with bad things. You should stop by for a few visits where there are no needles.

If you ever need to contact a veterinarian for their professional advice or opinion, Aquitaine Vet can help. We will prioritize your pet’s health, so you can have peace of mind knowing they are in good hands. We genuinely care about your pets, so contact us today for more information!