Like people, our pets can also experience problems that necessitate urgent emergency treatment. It can occasionally be challenging for pet owners to determine when their animal requires necessary veterinarian treatment as they cannot communicate with us to let us know when they are ill or have a problem. 

The article discusses warning signs and symptoms that indicate the need to see your local emergency veterinary facility or Vet in Mississauga.

6 Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Vet Care

Here are a few signs that indicate that your loving pet needs emergency veterinary treatment. 

1. Difficulty Breathing, Chocking, or Coughing

Coughing may indicate a collapsed trachea or infectious tracheobronchitis disease. Pick up the phone immediately if your pet starts coughing up blood. While if your pet is choking, there might be an obstruction preventing him from breathing in his trachea. Pantsing or wheezing also indicate that your pet is facing difficulty breathing, and by noticing those breathing patterns, inform the veterinarian clinic or Vet in Mississauga staff for better diagnosis. 

2. Indigestion or Vomiting

Time is of the essence if you discover blood in the stool or vomit, your pet might have swallowed toxins (such as antifreeze, toxic plants, or the sugar substitute xylitol), caught a contagious illness, or experienced organ failure.

Check your pet’s mouth if you see them swallow something foreign, like a piece of a toy. Even if your pet could ingest the foreign object fully and is breathing normally, it may experience issues due to a clog in the digestive tract. If untreated, this may result in vomiting and be fatal.

3. Limping 

The following signs could indicate Lyme disease, a broken bone, or muscular injuries in a dog or cat. Hives or generalized swelling could be symptoms of an allergic reaction that could result in anaphylactic shock. It’s an emergency if your dog isn’t putting any weight on the limb. It’s time to call the vet Mississauga if your pet has been limping for longer than a day.

4. Struggling To Urinate

If your pet has difficulty urinating or defecating, symptoms may point to a tumour or neurological problems. A bladder stone can frequently prevent urine from leaving the body and lead to accumulation, and excessive pressure may result in renal damage, kidney failure, and bladder rupture. It’s time to call the vet in Mississauga

5. Accidental Injury

Numerous wounds necessitate immediate veterinary care, including being struck by a car, being bitten by a dog or other animal, having an open wound, or bleeding that cannot be stopped quickly. Check your pet care or vet in Mississauga if they appear injured or involved in an altercation with another animal. It might be challenging to spot bites and injuries, especially in breeds with longer coats. 

6. Collapsing Or Having Seizures

Fainting is usually related to a heart issue and indicates the animal is not getting enough oxygen to their brain. Any symptoms, such as your pet collapsing, falling, or having seizures, could point to issues including anemia, infectious disease, lung troubles, or internal bleeding.

To wrap up, if you notice any of the following symptoms, reach out to your vet in Mississauga Aquitaine Animal Hospital for a proper checkup and treatment of your pet. 

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