Making sure your pet is getting the proper nutrients on a daily basis is essential when being a pet owner. Just like humans, animals need to be fed the right amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and have a healthy intake of water to stay in the best shape possible and help to ensure a long lifespan. If you’re a new pet owner, here are the nutrients you need to be feeding your cat or dog, and why they need them to survive.


This is the most important nutritional requirement for your pet. An adult dog is made up of 60% water, while puppies sit at 84% water. As a severe lack of water can cause serious health issues, specifically if their bodies loss more than 10% of their water supply, it’s essential that you make sure their water bowls are always filled. The proper amount of water helps in the digestion of food and absorption of other vital nutrients to keep them going. Water also helps to cool down their body, keeping it at a normal temperature.


While important to your pet’s diet, it’s easy to exceed the necessary proportions. Dry dog food alone contains between 30 to 70% of their required carbohydrate intake. While they contain dietary fibres that aid in supporting a healthy digestive system, extra carbs will be stored as fat in your pet’s body, leading to weight gain and possibly obesity.


Fats and fatty acids are much higher in energy than carbohydrates and are crucial to your pet’s daily food intake. They’re available in both plant and animal-based foods, which makes it easy for your pets to gain weight if too much is consumed, especially if they’re lower energy animals. To keep your pet as healthy as possible, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance of fats in their diet. Certain fatty acids have key functions in maintaining a healthy immune system, a shiny coat and good vision.


Animal products like poetry and beef contain the highest amount of protein, while vegetable food products contain the lowest. Dogs being mostly carnivorous, require a higher level of protein intake than humans. Cats need even more than dogs, as they’re completely carnivorous. However, while dogs could live off of cat food, the same can’t be said for cats and dog food, which is why it’s important to buy the appropriate food for your pet’s species, energy level and age. Without the proper amount of protein, impairment can occur. In puppies that aren’t getting enough protein, their rate of growth can slow down. In adults, it can impair their immune system.

Vitamins and Mineral

Fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin A, as stored in the liver and in fatty tissue to help in cell development, immune function and healthy eyesight. Water-soluble vitamins, like vitamin B1, vitamin C and choline, are transported through water and blood, helping to convert fats, carbs and proteins into energy. Calcium and phosphorus minerals work in unison to aid in healthy bone growth as well as muscular contraction.

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