Playing is great for pets because it helps keep them active, resulting in a healthier life. Pets also benefit from mental stimulation while spending precious time with their owners, so playing is not just fun but necessary. Dog toys are a big part of the playing process and believe it or not, selecting the right doggy toy does matter, so if you want to encourage them to play, it’s important to pick toys that are suitable. 

When it comes to choosing the right toy for your dog, there are certain things you need to consider, including your dog’s age. Puppies will require soft toys to play with and chew toys are especially important once your pet starts teething because it will provide them with both comfort and relief. As your dog starts to get older, they will need toys specifically designed to keep them active and Frisbees are a great example because they not only encourage running but also help keep your dog entertained. Seniors usually prefer to treat toys or plush toys, and for dogs that have trouble seeing, it’s important to choose toys that make noise. Dogs that can’t hear very well will enjoy toys that light up. 

You’ll want to factor in the size and breed of your dog as well because this will help with your selection of toys. Durable toys are required for bigger dogs because they can tear or break toys easily and will need something tough in order for the toy to be suitable. It’s also important to consider the size of the toy because bigger dogs can choke on small toys that are made specifically for puppies, so be mindful of these things. Smaller dogs can hurt themselves if they play with toys designed for bigger breeds, so size makes a big difference in every aspect.

Safety must come first so you’ll have to think twice about the toy you want to purchase because you need to make sure it is safe for your pet. Durable toys are best and plush toys and stuffed animals can be risky because they can rip easily. Dogs should never swallow stuffing or anything other than food or treats intended for them, so consider your dog’s tendencies to determine whether or not this will be a problem. If they are rowdy or aggressive, it will help you with your choice and you’ll be able to select the appropriate toy. Your lifestyle will affect your choice as well and if you are only able to play with your pet at night, for example, you should choose a toy that lights up.

Speaking to your vet about your dog’s personality and tendencies is very important because they can provide you with their professional opinion regarding your dog’s health and offer a toy recommendation. Aquitaine Vet in Mississauga is the perfect animal hospital and this clinic can help with all of your pet’s needs, so contact them today!

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