One of the best things you can do for your pet is to have them spayed or neutered. It helps curb the pet population and makes them healthier. While spays and neuters are an added cost to owning a pet, it can save you money and a lot of hassle later on. Here are some other reasons why you should spay or neuter your pet.

Cut expenses

There are several issues your pet could run into if you do not spay or neuter them. When you compare the costs of these issues to the cost of a spay or neuter, you could save thousands. Attending to a pet with reproductive system issues like cancer or pyometra can easily cost thousands of dollars. The damage done by such disease can also be more destructive in unaltered pets. Fighting is more common in pets that are the same gender, which can result in high vet bills. 

Improve your pet’s health

Several studies have shown that pets who have been spayed or neutered, on average, live longer than those who have not. Part of the reason unaltered pets have shortened life spans is because of their increased urge roam, which exposes them to fight with other animals or get struck by a vehicle. Even if you do not allow them to roam freely, not spaying or neutering them increases their chance of developing cancers related to the reproductive system. Getting your pet spayed or neutered does not change who they are, but it can improve their chances of survival for the better. 

Prevent bad behaviour

Dogs that are not neutered tend to be more assertive and prone to urine-marking than dogs who are neutered. Even female dogs who have not been spayed are more likely to exhibit this type of behaviour. The same goes for cats, which is why it is recommended to have them spayed or neutered before they are four months old before it is even a problem. Fixing a cat solves 90% of all marking issues, even if the cat has already been doing it for a while. It can also prevent them from fighting and minimize their urge to howl. For both cats and dogs, the longer you wait to spay or neuter them, the higher the chance that their bad behaviour will stick. 

Reduce the stray animal population

There are thousands of animals that pass through your local animal shelter on a yearly basis and thousands more that do not make it there. Even out of the ones that do end up in a shelter, only a fraction of them will find homes while the others get euthanized. There simply is not enough people to take in all the homeless pets out there. Thousands of otherwise healthy cats and dogs get put down because of this. Many of whom are the product of family pets that have not been spayed or neutered. The most effective and permanent form of birth control for your pet is spaying or neutering. 

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