Pet owners understand the joy and happiness pets bring to their lives, which is why they do everything in their power to make sure their furry friends are well taken care of. Providing them with food, comfort, love and shelter are a must, although there are other details that are equally as important for your pet, yet often forgotten about, including how often your pet’s dish should be washed.

This is an aspect that does not always get the attention it requires as pet owners are more concerned with providing food and replenishing their pet’s bowl and often forget to wash the bowl the food is placed in. While this may be unintentional, it is unsanitary and may lead to health issues, which is why it is very important to wash your pet’s dish regularly and ensure it is always clean. Think about how often you wash your own dishes and the fact that you would not eat from a dirty or used plate ever, let alone multiple times, and you’ll realize the same mentality must be applied to your pet’s dish.

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Washing it here and there or rinsing it from time to time is not enough and washing their dish after every single use is a must. Many pet owners think rinsing the dish under hot water will do the trick, but that will not eliminate the grime and the use of soap and water is a must in order for their plate to be fresh, clean, and ready for use once again. Hand washing is great, as is running them through the dishwasher as often as you can because the temperature is in a range where it will successfully kill all of the grime present in your pet’s bowl.

If you want to eliminate even more of the bacteria lurking in your pet’s bowl, choose materials that are not plastic because they will be less susceptible to collecting bacteria. While it may not always feel like it, your pet will really appreciate eating and drinking from a clean bowl because it does make a big difference. Not only will it provide them with happiness, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing bacteria won’t be a concern and your dog’s health is not at risk.

If you want your pet to be both happy and healthy in the long run, you must care for them in every aspect and cleanliness is always a must. The right vet will also make a big difference as they’ll be able to treat your pet and their every need because pets are not just animals, but members of our family and Aquitaine Vet in Mississauga understand the importance of this. For a clinic, you can trust and vets that have your pet’s best interests at heart, contact Aquitaine Animal Hospital because your pet deserves to be treated at the best animal hospital in town.

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